It’s probably tough to recall.  At CQ Infused Beverages, we were tired of sugary bottled waters, calorie dense bulk beverages, and mundane catering options that feature convenience store drinks at 5-star prices.  So we set out to create something better - jaw dropping beverage displays with reality altering flavor options to back them up.

Picture an event with an infused beverage station so alluring that guests can’t help but snap a picture on their phones as they walk by.  Then they try the drink itself and the flavor ravages their taste buds to the point that they get back on their phone and call everyone they know to inform them, “You know that new taste you're looking for?  Well, we found it.”

Maybe it’s CQ Lemon Watermelon Infused Water, CQ Strawberry Basil Infused Iced Tea, or even CQ Black Raspberry Acai Lemonade, but whatever the case may be, one thing is certain – hydration options will never be the same… 

Our Mission

We believe that in the space between uninspired, single-serve, bottled beverages & sugar-laden, fountain sodas & juices exists an opportunity - an opportunity to freely explore nature’s colors, tastes, & scents to create something both beautiful & memorable. 

At CQ Infused Beverages, we want to change how water, juice, iced tea, lemonade, & cocktail mixers are being constructed, displayed, & served. By marrying our simple, yet revolutionary, patent pending beverage system with our CQ Purees, we’re enabling restaurateurs, hoteliers, & food service providers to offer healthy, eco-friendly, infused beverages throughout the world. 

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