CQ Mango Mint Pineapple Infused WaterAid® Recipe



CQ Infused Beverage System

CQ BPA-Free-Infused Beverage-System-Equipment-Assembly
  • 1 BPA-Free, Dishwasher Safe CQ Beverage Dispenser

  • 1 Insert (patent pending)

  • 1 Base (natural bamboo or brushed stainless steel)

  • 1 Lid

  • 1 Portion Control Mixing Bucket

  • 1 CQ Slicer Key/Wand

Confirm that the spigot is screwed in tightly and then carefully lower the insert into the jar

Equipment Needed

Additional-Equipment Needed-for-CQ-Infused-Beverage-Program
  • 1 Commercial Slicer  (Do not slice by hand! If you don't have a slicer, use a mandoline)

  • 1 Metal Strainer

  • 1 Muddler


  • 1 Pouch of CQ Mango Puree

  • 1 Hard Mango - 4 slices

  • 1 Hard Pineapple - 8 slices

  • 12 Fresh Mint Stalks

  • 3 Gallons of Filtered Water

The Perfect Slice


Using a slicer, cut a test slice and compare it to the thickness of the CQ slicer key (on the end of the wand). Adjust the slicer until your slices match the thickness of the slicer key. Once calibrated, slice up all ingredients as necessary.

The Art of Infused Water


To set the insert in place, slide pineapple slices at each side of the jar between the insert and the jar. Use the CQ Wand to push the slices all the way down. Decorate the rest of the jar using the CQ Wand to position the remaining slices as shown in the picture.

Infusing the Water


Using the CQ wand to measure the water level, fill the CQ Mixing Bucket with 3 gallons of cold, filtered water. Add 1 pouch of CQ Mango Puree and stir.


Next, place a metal strainer in the mixing bucket and muddle any remaining orange slices and mango. This technique will ensure that no fruit pieces end up blocking the spigot later. Congratulations, you’ve just created CQ Mango Mint Pineapple Infused WaterAid®

Filling, Serving & Refreshing


Fill the beverage container to the top with ice cubes (about 10 lbs.) and add the Mango Mint Pineapple Infused WaterAid®. To refresh, add equal amounts of ice and CQ Mango Mint Pineapple Infused WaterAid®.

Cleanup & Storage

  1. Empty the beverage container’s ice and liquid into the sink. 

  2. Remove the insert by sliding it upwards or by reaching into the jar by the spigot cutout to get a secure grip on the edge of the insert. 

  3. Dump any fruit, herbs or vegetables into your compost bin.

  4. Load all plastic parts onto a dishwasher tray and run through your dishwasher. Do not wash the stainless steel or bamboo bases, instead, wipe by hand with an appropriate cleaner.

  5. Air-dry and reassemble the CQ Infused Beverage System. Store in a secure case or room.

To clean any stubborn fruit residue, lay the beverage container on a cotton rag, and scrub the inside of the beverage container using a cotton rag with warm water and soap. Note: USE ONLY COTTON RAGS! Anything else may permanently scratch or damage your CQ equipment.