CQ's STANDARD USE RECIPES & Onboarding Process

Please note, strict financial consequences for unreturned equipment into every contract since the incorrect or unauthorized use of our equipment (i.e. filled with water or beverages other than CQ puree) can directly damage our brand, your brand, your fellow hoteliers, restaurateurs and most importantly our customer loyalty.  

Alcohol is not an authorized liquid and may not be inside the CQ Infused Beverage Equipment System.


Click the links to view recipes for our seven authorized fields of use: (i) CQ Spa Water, (ii) CQ Infused Water, (iii) CQ Infused Iced Teas, (iv) CQ Infused Lemonades, (v) CQ Infused Cold Brews, (vi) CQ Juice Infusions, and (vii) CQ Infused Cocktail Mixers.