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Our CQ Infused Iced Teas will make people forget about the golfer 

CQ LEMON MINT INFUSED ICED TEA - When lemon and mint finally put aside their differences, a funny thing happened...they changed the face of iced tea. You'll believe it the second this concoction hits your lips.

CQ PEACH GINGER INFUSED ICED TEA - When we talked to ginger, it was tired of being the item leftover on every plate of sushi. So we paired it with some mouth watering peach slices and let it shine in an iced tea that everyone will enjoy.

CQ STRAWBERRY BASIL INFUSED ICED TEA - Simply stunning.  We wish we had more to say, but frankly, words don't do this combination justice.

CQ Infused Iced Teas

Strawberry Basil Infused Iced Tea

strawberry kiwi infused iced tea

strawberry watermelon infused iced tea

Lemon Mint Infused Iced Tea

Lemon Apple Infused Iced Tea

Lemon Basil Infused Iced Tea

Lemon Cantaloupe Honeydew Infused Iced Tea

Lemon Cucumber infused iced tea

lemon ginger infused iced tea

lemon kiwi infused iced tea

lemon mango infused iced tea

Lemon mint infused iced tea

lemon orange infused iced tea

lemon pineapple infused iced tea

lemon watermelon infused iced tea

passion fruit pineapple orange infused iced tea

red raspberry pomegranate starfruit infused iced tea

Black Raspberry Orange Infused Iced Tea

 CQ Strawberry Basil Infused Iced Tea